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Name:Piper Cardenas
Birthdate:May 1
Piper is an 18 year old, Cis straight female. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and is a freshman in fashion design at California State University, Los Angeles. She comes from a world closely resembling Contemporary America in 2015. She stands at 5’ 7”, with a thin frame. Her platinum dyed hair is cut in a signature swing bob that she does herself at home in the bathroom mirror. She has brown eyes under perfectly plucked eyebrows and her heart shaped face ends with a square jaw and small chin. She tends to dress in purple often with hipster sensibilities and a particular love of things that look like they could have been worn in the 80’s, especially the loud lipstick.

She is not shy about her sexuality, and has a high opinion of herself in that regard which goes far past conceited. She is also explicitly crass and will use inappropriate language indiscriminately. She was born to a single working mother and was raised with no knowledge of her father at all. Her household is not wealthy, but Piper puts on airs to make anyone she meets think otherwise, often dressing herself in thrift shop fashions she calls artistically vintage or else accessorizing with shoplifted goods from well known brands.

Piper is determined to make a name for herself in the mainstream fashion industry, using the help of her secret time traveling ability. The specifics of this ability are explained (here) but the short explanation is that she can look into the future and the past without directly touching or affecting it. She mostly uses her power in selfish and petty ways, for her own benefit entirely. Though, in times of trouble she can be convinced to use them to save more than just her own skin.

In her canon, things will take a sharp turn for the tragic after she enters college, but for now she's interested most in expanding her social circle, hooking up with any hot guy she fancies and advancing her future in fashion design. Attention is what she craves, and she'll do a lot to get it.
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